25 days of Christmas Advent

Hello, December.

In case you didn’t know, December is my favorite month in the year {insert buddy the elf voice} because the snow starts falling, it’s my birthday month, & every day we get closer to Christmas life feels a little more magical.

I know stress can happen. This time of year can bring on so many events that the season leaves you feeling drained, which is why I have enjoyed starting our 25 days of Christmas Advent.

Advent actually means “coming” and in Christian terms, it’s referring to Christ Coming. People around the world do Advent in so many ways, some don’t eat meat during this time, some start it on different days, some do little boxes with presents, really you can make Advent fit your family!

As for the Figs, I like to start December 1st and go through December 25th. I️ fill our Advent with crafts for the kids & acts of service. This might seem like a lot but DON’T stress! Make this fun and simple for your family. This season gets busy but as a mom, I love getting the chance to slow down with my kids and spend time doing a simple craft together or taking time out of our day to think about others.

This year’s advent calendar was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest. I would have loved to make fabric stockings, but the reality is I am not particularly crafty in the sewing and fabric area {ps if you know anyone that is, hit a sister up}. So I decided to use our Cricut Explore Air 2and scrapbook paper to create the look I wanted. Last year, I made a simple tree out of some washi tape and cut out round balls from paper to make them look like ornaments.
You don’t have to do anything fancy, really, go buy the $1 chocolate advent from the grocery store. You will have one happy child, it will bring back memories of your childhood, and each day attach something fun to getting their chocolate. Easy peasy!

Enough about all that. It’s time to talk about the activities you can do for the next 25 days with your family.

Here is my link to my Pinterest Advent Board if you are like me and love having some ideas already started. Take a look, follow me if you would like, and even look for other ideas that fit your family and the amount of time you have to spend.

This year we might do some of the same crafts… Don’t tell my kids. I also found this Random Acts of Kindness Advent that I will probably pull a lot of my ideas from! I always want my kids to know that this is the season of giving.

Here is a link to my Christmas Advent Calendar to make your life a little easier 💙

Let’s spread some Christmas cheer!


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