Seek the JOY

Compare yourself to others and lose all joy OR decide to enjoy the journey you are on.

Now, I won’t say that it’s been easy to get to the point where I am no longer comparing {and really, I find myself slipping into the comparison game from time to time}, but what I have found is JOY.

Ya know, the joy you lose when you compare yourself to everyone around you because you are no longer happy with what you have. That joy is a far better feeling than being discontent with life.

A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

I started this new business journey on a high note. I was excited about my future, hopes & dreams, and the newness that new business adventures bring. But then the joy, the excitement, the newness was replaced with a sense of jealousy, frustration, and fear.

The vicious cycle started.

Nothing was good enough, and even if I did well in something it still wasn’t enough. I threw a pity party every time someone advanced, earned a new car or signed a new recruit. But this comparison wasn’t just happening in my business, it slowly started seeping into my life like a dark cloud drowning out all light.

Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.

I started listening to the audiobook, Girl Code, and something clicked one day. I would highly recommend that book because on that day I decided to start CELEBRATING everyone around me instead of COMPARING myself to others.

I figured celebrating others was worth a shot. I mean, who was it going to hurt? Let’s be honest, we need more women celebrating each other, complimenting each other, and encouraging one another.

But seriously, Girl Code prompted me to change. That book is playing when I drive, get ready, need a pick me up. I am also buying a hard copy and might go a little highlighter happy – no shame.

Her success is is not my failure. – latasha haynes

What have the last few weeks felt like? A breath of freaking fresh air. Like #getinmylungs

I had no idea I was suffocating myself.

I can tell you that some days it doesn’t come naturally to celebrate, but I am choosing to do so, and through that, I know it will become a habit.

I encourage you to commit today to take the next 30 days to celebrate the women around you. You see someone accomplish something, give them some LOVE. Comment on their post, message them a little note, heck, send them a card. I promise you that you will not REGRET this, and I believe that as you celebrate others…. positive feedback will come back to you 10 fold.

Ready to take the 30-day challenge???

xoxo Lacie

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