Our Figventure with Destiny Rescue. { no longer happening… :( }

If it was in my control I would say it wouldn’t happen.
But it’s not.

I think I am about to learn real quick that I can’t put God in a box. In my mind there is no WAY Ben & I will be leaving for Thailand and Cambodia on November 3rd. Not when we have to raise $8,000 to go. AND we have to do it in FOUR WEEKS!

That number makes my stomach turn. $8,000 is a lot of money, and the only way we will be going on a life changing trip to Cambodia and Thailand is if God truly makes a way financially.

Ben and I have an amazing opportunity to leave with another couple for about two weeks to go on a vision trip to Cambodia & Thailand with Destiny Rescue. An amazing organization that provides rescued children the intensive care and love they need to recover from the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Destiny Rescue rescues children from red light districts, brothels and sexually abusive situations.

Seven months ago my friend Katharine joined my lipstick team, and one night we were up dreaming about how we wanted to #changetheworldwithlipstick . She told me about this organization that she was so passionate about. It was Destiny Rescue. I immediately knew I wanted to know more and wanted to be a part of helping these kids. We stayed up into the early hours trying to find ways we could help fund DR.

We actually came up with a few great ideas on how we would raise all this money and awareness, but they didn’t take off like we wanted it to. Our hearts were to be more than lipstick, but we knew being a part of this amazing company would allow us to one day have endless funds to help people and organizations we were passionate about.

Then a trip to Cambodia and Thailand kind of fell into our laps last week. WHAT!?!?!
I mean we have talked to our husbands about doing a vision trip with them at some point (when we have money to go), but we never expected it to be now.

But God has a funny way of answering your hearts desires.

Lately, we have been searching about life. What are we meant to do with our lives? How do we help? How can we be used to share love, and be a helping hand to something bigger than the day to day grind? We have been feeling stuck. We are both passionate about adventures (Ben more than me, now that we have kids), and we have a heart to serve. Ben is an amazing videographer and I know he will be able to create a masterpiece from this journey to help bring awareness to Destiny Rescue. God can use his talents and creativity to show the heart that DR pours into people daily.

I guess this is where I struggle. Asking for your donations to help us go on this trip.
Click here.

I wanted to be in a place to fund ourselves. I have a heart to help others do these kinds of trips, not be the one asking for a donation. But again, I believe that God has us in this place to fully experience the power of HIS plan, on HIS timing & not our own doing. So here is to learning what this side feels like so I can one day be the person being able to give when someone else needs a donation!!

PS- I know some of you might be wondering about our kids. We would love to bring them on trip with us at some point because we both feel that this is the life we want them to know, serving others, but this is not the trip for them. Since we will be a part of seeing the reality of child sex trafficking,

If this trip is meant to be we both agree that God is going to make it all work out. We are just here with our hearts open to the plans that He has for us.

We plan on documenting our journey on social media as much as we can.

Follow us here.
Instagram: @herlifeoutloud (lacie) & @the.dangerous.life (ben)
we are both on FB as well!

The Figueiredos

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