Imperfect progress

Today, I set a reminder in my phone with the words, "imperfect progress."

I have had this feeling of going in circles. Ever feel that way? Like when is this going to end and will there ever be change?

I have been avoiding change in certain areas of my life {mostly motherhood} because if I don't do it perfect the first time then I feel like I have failed, and the change will never come.

"Imperfect changes are slow steps of progress wrapped in grace." – Lysa TerKeurst

Back to the reminder. I wanted "imperfect progress" to be a reminder EVERY. SINGLE. DAY so that I could remember:

  • Believe I could be different
  • There will be set backs
  • Keep moving forward
  • Struggle can bring change/life

What perfect timing for this simple reminder to come into my life. Change won't come overnight, and it's the little steps toward change that will bring us closer to what we want.

I encourage you to stop striving for perfection and start believing in imperfect progress.

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