holding my future with an open hand

Her life out loud with lipstick.
I never thought in a million years I would be sharing this news but here we go!
A year and a half ago I started a new journey with my health and fitness. I was in the deepest and darkest postpartum depression. Beachbody came into my life at the perfect time. As I look back God used and placed it there for a purpose. I like to call it my stepping stone into my real purpose.
It taught me to be open and share my story because it matters. It reminded me to take care of myself. It brought my purpose and passion back into my life. I was able to connect with so many amazing women, and he used it to work through a lot of CRAP I needed to deal with.
I thought I was going to be coaching FOREVER! I loved health and fitness, it was perfect. I developed a heart for women and wanting to see them find purpose and passion in their life. I enjoyed encouraging them and seeing them grow to love who they were, strong beautiful women!
Emery was born and God started changing my heart. ❤️️ in my quiet time he kept asking me if I was willing to let Beachbody go? I kept telling Ben I felt like some changes were going to happen.
Maybe a move? There was NO way God was going to take coaching out of my life.
December came and some tough decisions had to be made in my business. I made them knowing I was obeying God, and I felt like that was the BIG change coming.
NOPE, there was more.
God continued to work in my heart and reminded me changes were coming. Everything I read talked about being at peace with change and to embrace this waiting period. I don’t do well with patience. During this time the girls on their health and fitness journey were rocking my accountabity groups. How could I even think about leaving them as their coach?
Well, as of yesterday I am officially no longer a Beachbody coach. A very bittersweet moment for me. One I am still processing through. It happened quickly, but I can say it wasn’t my timing and I know it’s for the best.
A few days ago I shared my heart about my new adventure and how it was setting my soul on fire 🔥 a fire that was unexpected because I never thought in a million years I would be selling lipstick and makeup.
Within hours I got an email from Beachbody compliance reminding me that I couldn’t be in another business like SeneGence 😬
I knew in the deepest part of my heart it was finally time to let go of Beachbody. I had been holding onto it with a very VERY tight grip. It was MINE! The only way I was going to let go of coaching was being put on the spot.
I took that night to let most of my girls know I was having to make a decision, and reminding them my health and fitness journey was not over. I still love the products and my operation baby weight will be posted about. This was a business decision, and if I could do both I would 💯 do it, but it wasn’t an option.
HER LIFE OUT LOUD WITH LIPSTICK 💄 was on my heart. Something I couldn’t shake no matter how many times I told God people would think I was crazy for selling lipstick. How was I supposed to change lives with makeup?
I was putting myself in a box, which means I was putting God in a box. It’s not about the lipstick it’s about listening and obeying God, and by doing that he will bless me and my family.
He wants me to live my life out loud by sharing what he is doing in our lives. By doing this I get to encourage women, share my health and fitness journey, be a mompreneur, help other women get their families out of debt, and have fun with makeup {something I wanted to go to school for years ago}.
It’s been a whirlwind of a week. A week filled with having FAITH that God is in control and now I get to enjoy the journey. I was reminded by my amazing husband to hold onto Her Life Out Loud with Lipstick with an open hand. It will allow God to make the plans.
A new chapter had started.
One that could go anywhere and be anything. Sharing my life and faith out loud for all to see with some pretty amazing LIFE proof lipstick on 👄
My launch party 🎉 starts tomorrow and I can’t wait to see where God takes my family. Here is my online store: https://www.facebook.com/groups/herlipsoutloud/
If you want to follow my “Her Life Out Loud” page, click here

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